Deloitte - At the Beginning of Everything

World's largest consulting firm Deloitte has released the global campaign ‘Make Your Impact’ via Deloitte Digital.

Deloitte invited Onesal to design and animate the brand film for the campaign. Our task was to illustrate new technologies and its impact in the world in an optimistic, inviting way, showing how decisions we make today, make tomorrow.

Starting with a green dot, we did an abstract exploration of the evolution of the dot from different perspectives.
Transforming, expanding, and creating new meaning, yet always returning the circular green dot to start over.

Client: Deloitte - Agency: Deloitte Digital - Production, art direction, design and animation: Onesal

Chief Producer: Ailin Brunner
Producer: Lucia Gutkin
Director: Nahuel Salcedo

Art Director: Damian Sendin
Animation Director: Damian Stricker

Design / Animation: Damian Stricker, Nahuel Salcedo, Damian Sendin,
Martin Salfity, Juan Coria, Kana Terao, Koji Obara, Tomo Beddie, David Kvien

Sound Design: Andrea Damian